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Freedom 515 - Tennessee

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I wrote this to my rep and senator

Dear Senator Crowe, I wrote to you recently about the sad state our nation is in due to unconstitutional actions by the Marxist democrats in Washington. Yesterday our "president" pronounced himself dictator by declaring that he will force a very important medical decision on us, the so-called covid "vaccine," on threat of loosing our jobs. This is not only illegal and unconstitutional, it grossly exceeds his powers, violates HIPPA law and The Nuremberg Code, and in my mind directly relates to the Book of Revelation. It is urgent that our state stand against this further disgusting step toward totalitarianism by calling a special session of both houses of the Tennessee legislature and deny this usurpation of states' rights in the name of "safety" over liberty. We will become Australia (the thought of what is happening there makes me weep) if we do…

Special Session
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Any vax mandate protests being organized? Lee is not leadership material-he is going to have to be pushed across the finish line.


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